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Muncie Police and Delaware County Sheriff Streaming:

The stream carries the City of Muncie Police Dispatch, Ball State University Police Dispatch, and Delaware County Sheriff Dispatch which includes the following small towns in Delaware County, Town of Gaston, Yorktown, Daleville, Selma, Albany, and Eaton Indiana.


The City of Muncie currently uses the "Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T" system. Site 20 is located in Muncie, Indiana.
Scanner Programming Information: Frequencies


Muncie Police Dispatch, Delware County Sheriff Dispatch, Ball State University Police Dispatch and Indiana State Police Dispatch

Note: Car 2 Car, Tactical, and other speciality channels are NOT streamed do to safety concerns for our Public Safety workers.

Muncie Police Dispatch  - also refered to as "Traffic" - "Primary".  Dispatch by the name "Radio" or at times units will just say there unit or car id number and "Radio" will automaticly answer.

  • Officers are assigned a Unit ID which stays with officer unless promoted or otherwise changed.
  • Car numbers is assigned to vehicle, a vehicle may or may not have the same officers,
Additionally several vehicles are used on 1st, 2nd. and 3rd shift.

Car Numbers that are heard as three digits include the district as the first digit. (Car 250 - District 2 and car 50. If car is city wide car it will be 6 and car number.. Cars can change from shift to shift and during same shift.)

Officers ride alone and also in pairs which is assigned by the shift supervisor during each shift.

Speciality units have dedicated vehicles such as K9 which are taken home by the officers. 

The only units believed to have marked take home cars is SWAT members, K9, Traffic Enforcement, Crime Scene, everyone else shares pool vehicles.

Ball-State University Police Dispatch - Normally 5xx numbers but sometimes they drop the 5. They will usually call dispatch by the name "Radio". The only units conifrmed to have take home cars is K9's. All other patrol officers use shared pool vehicles.

Delaware County Sheriff Dispatch - Sheriff Units will be 18-xxx radio numbers. They will usually call dispatch by the name "Delaware County". All deputies have take home vehicles, the car (vehicle) number and officer number is the same.

 *  Sheriff Department also does primary dispatch for the following small town police departments Those units will be heard on the Sheriff Dispatch channel as the following:

  • Gaston Police Department - 97-xxx Radio Numbers
  • Yorktown Police Department - 96-xxx Radio Numbers
  • Daleville Police Department - 92-xxx Radio Numbers
  • Selma Police Department - 91-xxx Radio Numbers
  • Albany Police Department - 93-xxx Radio Numbers
  • Eaton Police Department - 94-xxx Radio Numbers
Indiana State Police - The first two numbers 51-xxx is the state troopers post assignment.  The most common post ID will be 51 - Pendleton District.  Other post ID that could be heard is 22 - Fort Wayne , and 16 - Peru.


Muncie Fire Department & Firegrounds and Delaware County EMS.

 Disclaimer:  By listening to the information heard on the scanner stream, you are agreeing to use it for entertainment purposes only. Any misuse of this online scanner feed can lead to criminal charges.

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By listening to the information heard on the scanner stream, you are agreeing to use it for entertainment purposes only.
Any misuse of this online scanner feed can lead to criminal charges.

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